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Universita Ca´Foscare di Venezia, UNIVE

The European Center for Living Technology (ECLT)

The European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT) is an international Research Centre dedicated to the study and creation of a new generation of technologies which embody the essential properties of life, such as self-organization, adaptability, capacity to evolve and react to environmental stimula, etc. The research, focused mainly in the bio-nano-technology and synthetic biology sectors, is developed in collaboration with scientists belonging to the 15 European Universities and international Research Centres which are members of ECLT. The experimental research of the Centre is undertaken at the Laboratory in Torre Hammon at VEGA, the scientific and technological park of Venice. The object of the research is the design and creation of biological components non existent in nature, proteins and new alternative biological structures. The Centre is also an international meeting point for the development both of basic research and the creation of new technologies for the productive sector and the transfer of these technologies to various sectors such as pharmaceutics, medicine and the environment.