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Ruhr-Universität Bochum, RUBa

Biomolecular Information Processing (BioMIP)

BioMIP (Biomolecular Information Processing) carries out multidisciplinary basic research into the nature and limits to self-organization in combinatorially complex chemical systems. The research team addresses both theory and experiment in chemical systems which self-organize and evolve like living systems, using a synthetic systems approach. Electronic micro-and nanosystems provide controlled and programmable environments for studying and optimizing such systems, and so our research is also forging a link between the three rapidly expanding technologies: Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT) and Nanotechnology (NT).

BioMIP is a guest group in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Key scientists and engineers:

Thomas Maeke (MSc. in Electrical Engineering) received his degree at Braunschweig university. He has a longstanding experience in programming ASICs/FPGAs and the developement of metrology and software both in industry (Sartorius AG) and in research. He is working both on building interfaces to electronic microfluidic systems and on high performance mesoscale simulation tools in current EU-projects MATCHIT and ECCell.

John McCaskill (D.Phil. Oxford, 1982 in Chemistry) is professor of theoretical biochemistry with over twenty-five years experience in the evolutionary biotechnology sector. Currently he is a visiting professor at the University of Bochum and is head of the BioMIP research team. McCaskill worked with Manfred Eigen on the foundations of evolutionary biotechnology, has extensive experience in coordinating large projects with science and industry, including the coordination of the EU projects Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution (PACE) and Electronic Chemical Cells (ECCell). He has managed teams of researchers since 1987, and led research departments in this area since 1992. He was a founding director of the European Center for Living Technology (ECLT).  

Professor McCaskill is in charge of all scientific and technical aspects of the work BioMIP is committed to perform in the MATCHIT project.

Sigrid McCaskill (MSc. in Applied Linguistics) has been working in the administration of research organisations and projects over the past 15 years. Within the MATCHIT project, she is responsible for general administrative matters.

Uwe Tangen (PhD in Biology) received his PhD at Jena University. He is an electrical engineer in the field of control engineering and biology with extensive experience in evolutionary biotechnology.  As a senior scientist in BioMIP he coordinates the microelectronics and development of electronic feedback control for integrated microsystems. In MATCHIT Dr. Tangen is above all involved in WP6 ‚IT architecture'. He is co-responsible for the systems administration and website of the project.

Patrick Wagler (PhD in Chemistry) received his PhD at the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis in Rostock. After gaining experience in developing microsystems for medical technology at the Institute for Microtechnology in Mainz (IMM) he became head of the group "Evolutionary Microsystems" at the Fraunhofer research group BioMIP from 2000-2004. Currently he leads the microsystem activities at BioMIP and has served as an invited guest lecturer for the nanobiotechnology course at Civen (Coordinamento Interuniversitario Veneto per le Nanotechnologie) since 2004.

Within MATCHIT Dr. Wagler is in charge of WP 5 ‚Electronically programmable chemical matrix'.