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Popular Science

How to create a cell from bottom-up

Ph.D-student Pernille Lykke Pedersen and Professor Steen Rasmussen from University of Southern Denmark has contributed to a special issue on "The Cell" in a danish Magazine on teaching in Biology (Kaskelot).

The magazine goes out in 3300 copies to primary schools, museums, libraries and public institutions in Denmark.

See the contribution here (in danish only).

Aspects of Life, Information, Reality and Physics

Professor Steen Rasmussen  was invited to contribute to a theme edition on Life and Physics in the Danish magazine Kvant - a periodical on Physics and Astronomi that goes out in 3000 copies to Universities, libraries and public institutions in Denmark.

From Synthetic Life to Living Technology

Carsten Svaneborg, Anders N. Albertsen, Harold Fellermann and Steen Rasmussen were invited to contribute to the danish periodical Aktuel Naturvidenskab.

The main purpose of Aktuel Naturvidenskab is to make science visible in the danish society.