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Coordination of the Bio-Chem-IT Research Area

Training and Research in Unconventional Computation in Europe

EU sponsored project in FP7 (the 7th framework program), funded in the ICT Future Emerging Technologies by the FET-Open program (2008-2011)

International Society of Artificial Life (ISAL)
ISAL is an international society dedicated to promoting scientific research and education relating to artificial life.

Initiative for Science, Society & Policy (ISSP)
Initiative that aims at making science and technology integral components of societal planning and public discourse.

ECLT Europen Center for Living Technology

FLinT Center for Fundamental Living Technology

Journal of Systems Chemistry
Journal of Systems Chemistry is a peer-reviewed open access journal covering all aspects of systems chemistry.

Microscopic Chemically Reactive Electronic Agents (MICREAgents)

A 3 yr collaborative project in Unconventional Computing (UComp) funded by Future Emerging Technologies in the EU FP7 program. September 2012 - August 2015. FLinT contact. Steen Rasmussen.




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