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Written press

How Everything began - Galileo 172, December 2012 (in Hebrew only)

Life, but not as we know it - Feature in Chemistry World, April 30 2012

Hvis folk gider høre om støv, gider de høre om alt - Information, October 2011 (In Danish only)

From Synthetic Life to Living Technology - Aktuel Naturvidenskab (In Danish only)

Aspects of Life, Information, Reality and Physics - Kvant (In Danish only)

Oil droplets mimic early life - Scientific American, February 2011

Oil droplets mimic early life - Nature News, February 2011

How to create a cell from bottom-up - Kaskelot, 2011 (in Danish only)

Artificial life will save Venice -, September 2010  (in Danish only)

Is a Borg artificial life - or is it just artificial? - Ingeniøren, August 2010  (in Danish only)

Seven fantastic tales on FP7 -, August 2010 (in Danish only)

Artificial life - so far -, August 2010 (in Danish only)

Prophetic visions of a world of living technology - New Scientist, June 2010

Life created in the lab - does scientists play God? - Kristeligt Dagblad, June 2010 (in Danish only)

Danes want to create artificial life with the aid of supercomputer - Computer World, June 2010 (in Danish only)

Synthetic genome - Astrobiology Magazine, May 2010

Sizing up the synthetic cell - Nature News, May 2010

Artificial DNA - it´s alive! - May, 2010 (in Danish only)

Dr. Almighty -, May 2010 (in Danish only)

International research starts revolution by bringing computer chips to life -, March 2010 (in Danish only)

International forskning vækker computerchip til live - Landet rundt (in Danish only)

Competition for God - creation in the lab - Der Spiegel, January 2010 (in German only)

Radio and TV

Talk im Hangar-7 - ServusTV, July 2010 (in German only)

Debate on artifical life - DR2 Kontrovers, June 2010 (in Danish only)

Amerikansk stjerneforsker skaber kunstigt liv - DR, P1 Videnskabens verden, June 2010 (in Danish only)

Naked Science: "Finding the Origins of Life - Creating Life from Scratch" - National Geographic, February 2010

Forsker i kunstigt liv - TV2Fyn, April 2010 (in Danish only)

SDU professor leder banebrydende forskning - TV2Fyn, March 2010 (in Danish only)

Snart kan dit hus reparere sig selv - DR, P1 Morgen (in Danish only)

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